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This page summarizes Doing Business 2014 data for Antigua and Barbuda. The first table lists the overall "Ease of Doing Business" rank (out of 189 economies) and the rankings by each topic. It also lists the economy's distance to frontier (DTF)** measure. The rest of the tables summarize the key indicators for each topic and benchmark against regional and high-income economy (OECD) averages.

Economy Overview

Region Latin America & Caribbean
Income Category High income
Population 89,069
GNI Per Capita (US$) 12,640
City covered St. John's
Doing Business 2014 Rank Doing Business 2013 Rank*** Change in Rank
71 66 down -5

Doing Business 2014 DTF** (% points) Doing Business 2013 DTF** (% points) Improvement in DTF** (% points)
64.13 64.02 down 0.11

Enforcing Contracts


The ease or difficulty of enforcing commercial contracts is measured below. This is determined by following the evolution of a payment dispute and tracking the time, cost, and number of procedures involved from the moment a plaintiff files the lawsuit until actual payment.

DB 2014 Rank 65 DB 2013 Rank*** 66 Change in Rank up1
DB 2014 DTF** (% points) 58.11 DB 2013 DTF** (% points) 58.11 Improvement in DTF** (% points) 0.00
Indicator Antigua and Barbuda Latin America & Caribbean OECD

The time to resolve a dispute, counted from the moment the plaintiff files the lawsuit in court until payment. This includes both the days when actions take place and the waiting periods between.

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Time (days)
351 734 529

The cost in court fees and attorney fees, where the use of attorneys is mandatory or common, expressed as a percentage of the debt value.

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Cost (% of claim)
22.7 31.0 21.0

The average number of procedures to enforce a contract. The list of procedural steps compiled for each economy traces the chronology of a commercial dispute before the relevant court.

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Procedures (number)
44 40 31
Time (days) 351
Filing and service 21
Trial and judgment 240
Enforcement of judgment 90
Cost (% of claim) 22.7
Attorney cost (% of claim) 17.5
Court cost (% of claim) 2.6
Enforcement Cost (% of claim) 2.6
Procedures (number) 44

Number of Procedures 45
Specialized commercial courts -1
Total Number of Procedures 44
* Not counted in the total number of procedures

** The distance to frontier (DTF) measure shows the distance of each economy to the "frontier," which represents the highest performance observed on each of the topics including Getting Electricity across all economies included in Doing Business. An economy’s distance to frontier is indicated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest performance and 100 the frontier. Read more...

***Last year's rankings are adjusted: they are based on 10 topics and reflect data corrections.

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